How To Choose the Right Hypnotherapist

will be suitable for you. Personality factors, particular problems or differing ideologies may interfere with rapport. The same is true for referrals by family or friends.

Above all, do not be misled by reputation alone. A great reputation in the therapy field is not always based on competence. Sometimes it is fed by publicity and by professional colleagues who have a personal liking for a particular therapist, especially if he or she devotes a lot of time to their organization’s interests. The colleagues may be impressed by that therapist’s speeches, self-confidence and self-promotion. But do they s https://www.michaeljemery.com/ https://cahalenandeli.com/personally know any successfully treated clients?

Trust your reaction when talking with a hypnotherapist. Shop around. Spend at least as much time to select a hypnotherapist as you would to choose a car.


The best criterion is satisfied clients. Ask the hypnotherapist for written testimonials. Any therapist who has been in business for a reasonable length of time will have letters on file from grateful clients. These will be people who have given permission for their comments to be shown to enquirers. Read and verify them.

And be sure you feel comfortable with the hypnotherapist. If you feel uneasy, it may be a sign that he or she is not good for you.

Key questions to ask yourself are:


    • Does he or she seem interested in my problems?
    • Do I feel welcome?
    • Is the hypnotherapist on time?
    • Do I feel accepted?
    • Does he or she treat me with respect?
    • Does he or she appear hopeful?
    • Does he or she ask a lot about me?
    • Is he or she genuinely interested in me?
    • Does his or her office feel like a haven?
    • Does the hypnotherapist really listen?
    • Does he or she seem knowledgeable?



Key questions to ask the hypnotherapist are:


  • Why should I see you, and not one of your competitors?
  • What experience do you have with my kind of problem?
  • What are your professional qualification